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EDM Tall and Large Parts

Large Capacity Wire EDM

Wire EDM Parts Up To 62 Inches Tall and Weighing 10,000 lbs!

Wire EDM Test Specimens 84 Test Specimens being EDMed from a 84" Diameter Turbine Wheel
Wire EDM Test
Specimens Blowout Preventer 40 inches tall Test Specimens
Blowout Preventer
40" Tall
Various tall parts Various Tall Parts

Wire EDM split tube: Diameter 27 inches, Length 16.5 feet
Wire EDM Tube: Diameter 27 inches: threading wire Johnn Morales
Modified Wire EDM Machine Spilt Large Tube
Diameter 27" Length 16.5'.

Large Capacity Ram/Sinker EDM

Ram EDM over 10 feet tall and up to 20,000 lbs.

Ram EDM stepped keyway: part weighed 4,900 pounds Stepped Keyway: 4 inches x 25.5 inches
Part weighed: 4,900 pounds
Ram EDM: tall tube being EDMed Tall Tube to be EDMed
Ram EDM: Large gear being EDMed(Can cut 53 inches submerged) Large Gear to be EDMed
This Ram EDM Can Cut 53" Submerged

Ram EDM: tall part being EDMed
Ram EDM: Large valve being EDMed (Can cut 53 inches submerged)
Ram EDM: Can cut parts
53 inches submerged
Large Parts Being EDMed
Table load for our largest ram EDM is 66,000 pounds. Maximum electrode weight is 3,106 pounds.

Large Capacity Small Hole EDM

Our largest small hole CNC drill travels in X 58.9" Y 30.5" Z 15.6". We can EDM holes up to 36" deep.

CNC small hole EDM: up to 5,000 pounds
Small hole drilling up to 36 inches (from both sides)
CNC small hole EDM: horizontal drilling
We have CNC and manual small hole EDMs. Maximum weight: 5,000 pounds.
Some have been modified to cut tall and large parts.

Watch Video

Video on EDMing Tall and Large Parta EDMing Tall and Large Parts