Carl Sommer
Carl Sommer, Owner and President, has extensive experience in machining and tool and die making. Sommer started working in a machine shop in 1949 in Brooklyn, N.Y. He became a tool and die maker, machinist, foreman of a tool and die shop, tool designer, and operations manager for one of the largest tool, die, and stamping shops in Houston. He wrote the book, Non-Traditional Machining Handbook. Carl is also owner and president of Advance Publishing. (More about Carl Sommer.)

Steve Sommer, ME
Steve Sommer, Vice President, received his Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Houston. He has experience as a machinist, tool and die maker, and has a thorough knowledge of computer programming for the wire, ram, and small hole EDM processes. Carl and Steve Sommer together wrote Complete EDM Handbook. Steve is available to assist you in tool design and engineering. He has over 30 years' experience with all aspects of EDM.

Phil Sommer
Phil Sommer, Vice President of Operations, holds a degree in business administration and heads the EDM operations. Phil has over 30 years' experience with all aspects of EDM. The exceptional experience of this father and son’s team is one of the major reasons for Reliable’s remarkable growth and success.

Beginning of Reliable EDM
Reliable EDM began in 1986, and was built upon Golden Rule Thinking: do to others as you want them to do to you. By providing quality, service, and value to its customers, they have become the largest EDM job shop in North America with over 85 EDM machines. Discover for yourself Reliable EDM’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

We Wrote the Books
Complete EDM Handbook and Non-Traditional Machining Handbook

Carl and Steve Sommer are the co-authors of Complete EDM Handbook (now revised full color edition). It is used as a textbook in colleges and trade schools.

Complete EDM Handbook: Available to Read Free on our Website.

Carl Sommer has also written Non-Traditional Machining Handbook (second edition). It is also used in colleges and trade schools. This book includes: Wire EDM, Ram EDM, Small Hole EDM Drilling, Photochemical Machining, Electrochemical Machining, Plasma Cutting, Rapid Prototyping, Abrasive Flow Machining, Ultrasonic Machining, Thermal Energy Deburring, Waterjet Machining, Laser Cutting, Welding, Cladding, Alloying, Heat Treating, Marking, and Drilling.

Both books may be purchased from:

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