About Ram/Sinker EDM

Production Ram/Sinker EDM and Large Machine
  1. Various Shapes and Sizes In Blind Cavities
  2. Extreme Accuracy and Fine Finishes
  3. Miniature Parts
  4. Helical Gears and Shapes
  1. Production EDM
  2. Angled Blind Cavities
  3. Large Parts
  4. Tall Parts
Ram EDM Electrodes

Various Shapes and Sizes
In Blind Cavities

1. Various Shapes and Sizes In Blind Cavities: Threads Into Hardened Materials, Molds, Hexes Into Bolts, and Keyways
There are many operations where ram EDM is the most efficient way to machine parts. Ram EDM can be done in the vertical or horizontal position. We are even able to EDM parts upside down.

Production Ram EDM 3

Extreme Accuracy and Fine Finishes

2. Extreme Accuracy and Fine Finishes
Tolerances of up to +/- .0001" can be achieved with very fine finishes.

Ram EDM Miniature Parts

Miniature Parts

3. Miniature Parts
Pins and cross-hatched parts can be ram EDMed. The coin shown is a dime. Pins are .012 inch diameter to a depth of .030 inches.

Ram EDM Parts

Helical Gears

4. Helical Gears
Orbiting machines can machine helical gears and shapes. Our ram EDM machines are capable of orbital, vectorial, directional, conical, horizontal planetary, cylindrical, helical, concave and convex spherical machining.

Ram EDM Multiple Parts

Production EDM

5. Production EDM
Since all our machines are computer numerically controlled (CNC), they are excellent for production work and repeatability.

Ram EDM: Blind cavity into large valve

Angled Blind Cavities

6. Machining at an Angle
Ram EDM has the capability to machine parts on an angle.

Ram EDM: Large Parts

Large Parts

7. Large Parts
Work tank size on this machine, larger than a ping pong table: X 79.5", Y 126.7", Z 53". Table load is 66,000 pounds. Can fully submerge parts as tall as 52 inches.
Holds 35,000 gallons of oil: 63 barrels of oil (55 gallons per barrel)

Ram EDM: Tall tubes up to 10 feet

Tall Parts

8. Tall Parts
By modifying machines, tall parts can be EDMed.

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